Gay Fad Mid-Century Can Can Girl Cocktail Shaker

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Gay Fad Mid-Century Can Can Girl Cocktail Shaker
Beautiful Gay Fad design features a Can Can female sitting at the bar on one side of the cocktail shaker and four bartenders singing and ready to serve you on the other side
What makes this cocktail shaker so unique is the side of the shaker features a measuring scale in ounces - starting at 1 ounce all the way to 29 ounces to help make cocktail preparation easy and fun
The cocktail shaker features nice and bright colors
Shiny lid on the outside - inside shows water spots or slight wear from shaking cocktails
Nice and heavy frosted glass
Cocktail shaker is 9 3/4" height, 3 1/2" diameter (with lid)
Now the only thing to ask yourself…do you want your cocktail shaken or stirred?